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 Minutes from the Nature Coast Corvette Club

 November 7,2018

Meeting Started at 5:26 PM Joe welcomed everyone and led the Pledge of Allegiance. A motion for approval of last months minutes (October) was moved by Loretta 
Haines and seconded by Gerry Hietala. All were in favor. The Treasurers Report was $2386.81. The treasurer's report was accepted. Club Business- Joe asked do we go forward as a club. He explained that Val had stepped down since last meeting along with Steve Schechter. He indicated that Rich might
also step down if there was no one to take the treasurer's duties. At that time Joe asked for volunteers and Gerry Hietala said she could do minutes but did
not do computer. Rich Michaels planned to stay and Dave Liddell indicated he just wanted to do trips. Joe indicated you really need 4-5 directors to run the
club as it is. Joe Indicated Dave Haney would continue to do the web page. Dave L. spoke of whether or not this remains a club or not, it is a collection of
friends and he has always enjoyed going to different places to eat. He said he would like to help put events together. Discussion went around went around
with different opinions. Maureen T. suggested a list be circulated and each member consider taking a month and planning an event for that month. A phone
chain can be set up and once the events are set the phone chain would make calls to members about the upcoming event. Gerry Hietala said she could do the
basic organizing. The list of months was sent around the room. Joe spoke about the club treasury and that there really is no need for a treasurer with a loosely organized group. Everyone seemed to agree on this issue.
Joe said the club could divvy up the money which would result in about $50.00 a couple, or the club could donate to the panhandle hurricane relief fund.
It seemed most folks liked the idea of helping the people in the hurricane stricken area. There was discussion on this issue prior to a vote. Paul mentioned
we need to have some type of contingency fund for flowers, wreaths, cards etc. Because we need to keep some funds for emergencies the bank account
would need to be kept; necessitating the state non profit certification. There was discussion of a $200 contingency fund. There was a sudden commotion
and Dave Liddell seemed to fall over in his chair and struck the table leg and landed on the floor. He was checked and didnít appear to be breathing. CPR was
administered and EMS was summoned. Dave is resting comfortably in the hospital. At this point it was decided to end the meeting as everyone was leaving or following the ambulance. $50 was collected in the 50/50 and will be deposited to the
club account.
Joe and Lee DeBoer called the meeting adjourned at 6:26 PM

Submitted By Joe Tyberghein and Lee DeBoer                

1 Nancy Kincell
2 Byron Dalhaus
24 Gerry Hietala
27 Lee deBoer



3 Paul Levine 5 Nancy Crowe 8 Judy Dalhaus 9 Len Pflughaupt 14 Ellie Putnam 18 Jean Johnson 24 Josephine Brocious 25 Beatriz List

3 Nancy & Stanley Zaluda 20 James & Beatriz List 25 Jean & John Johnson 28 Babette & Dave Liddell



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