Ralph & Joe Calello


Meeting July 11, 2018

Register Chevrolet

35 members attending

Joe Tyberghein opened the meeting at 5:03 PM.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, recognized some members we haven’t seen last couple meetings, Petroff’s, Levine’s, Pon’s, Colarte’s. Judy Dalhaus gave us an update on Byron, now in rehab in Health South.

Thank you to Register Chevrolet for letting us use their service area for our meeting and we have a brand new 2019 Corvette to look at and Pizza at 5:30.

Minutes from last meeting have a correction; Bowling Green is for 2019 were approved. Motion by Paul Levine and seconded by Nancy Zaluda to accept amended minutes.

The treasurer’s report was given by Rich Stratton, beginning balance of $2,714.09, receipts of $32, expenses $0 for an ending balance of $2746.09. Motion to accept by Val Stratton seconded by Nancy Zaluda.

Report on past events – Coyote Rojo, good time and there is a Coyote Rojo going in where the Boston Cooker used to be.

Val reported on Garage One – two couples went, many didn’t due to weather.

Lucy Levine suggested that July and August hold only meeting due to vacations and/or events are rained out. Vote passed with 20 hands up. However if there is something that club members are planning on attending we can always open participation via email.

August 15th Odessey tour in Tarpon Springs, we will leave at 9 am – email me (Val) or sign bookSeptember 14th is the Mystery Cruise headed by the Haneys – more info to come.

To help us remember about events, we have a sign up book for events. This way if there is a problem with emails it’s a possible solution. And you can put it in your appointment book.

Joe also mentioned, if you respond by email you will have your name added and all will get an email reminder.

July 13th Breakfast at Thousand Island Café across from Bowling Alley on 19, 9 am Dave Haney has 16 signed up so far.

August 23rd – Buffet at Brooksville Country Club will leave Sam’s at 4:30 pm – best deal in town at $12-great views, sandwiches, salads, chicken

August 4th – Brookridge Dance – tickets at the door or reserve a full table in advance, BYOB for $5, also New Year’s Eve going fast Dinner and dancing $40 includes Champagne toast and wine at the table, 7pm to 1 am.

Next month’s meeting at Perkins speaker Dave Rodriquez from West Coast Classics – great with Corvettes, RSVP to Joe September 1st 5pm.

Val shared birthdays and anniversaries.

Member comments – Paul Levine someone selling a great 2002 until it got flooded. Dave Haney heard of a 1979 Black/Black 4 spd for $16,600 with 12,000 miles. Paul L shared that it’s cheaper to own a Corvette than a motor home.

50/50 Raffle winner July Haney $36

Motion to adjourn Bob Pons, seconded by Judy Haney at 5:20 pm. We then proceeded out to view the 2019 Corvette Grand Sport, followed by Pizza and mingling.

Submitted by Val Stratton


                          JULY BIRTHDAYS

                                                                            7 Lucy Levine

17 Barry Crowe

17 Art Vouthouris

18 Diane Pfisterer

24 Dan deBoer


4 Nancy & David Wall

6 Maureen & Joe Tyberghein

11 Lois & Paul Churchin

22 Nancy & James Kincell




                              AUGUST BIRTHDAYS

5 Nancy Wall

6 Loretta Haines

18 Dave Haney

21 Stanley Zaluda

24 Steve Schechter

25 Val Stratton


10 Dave & Judy Haney


                                                                        Updated 12 JULY 2018