James & Beatriz List
Steve Shechter
Douglas Jack 
Luis  &  Linda  Colarte

June 7, 2017
Nature Coast Corvette Club Meeting
Coney Island Drive- In

Meeting called to order by Joe Tyberghein.

After the Pledge of Allegiance the Minutes of the May meeting were approved. Motioned by Judy Folde and seconded by Loretta Haines.

Old Business: Val is working on getting all members on member page.

Yellow is our club color, you can wear other colors and even have your car on the back. Big Frog charges $18.95 and $7 for car on the back. Embroidery prices to come. Big Frog is on Cortez next to Panera.

Rich Michaels is still accepting surveys. Survey shows we want more activities and most had a different favorite restaurant. Top suggestions are train ride/ball park/stage shows. Rich will coordinate with event committee to implement your suggestions. Try to finalize survey be next meeting.

Coyote Rojo on June 17th leaving Race Trac on Rt 50 at 2 pm. Some questions came up about if it was closed. Email to follow. Possible back up plan to Hellas in Tarpon Springs, or San Antonio

Paul Levine shared upcoming events:

July 23rd Elks Wreaths Across America on County Line Rd, line up cars at Noon

August 5th Brookridge Dance 7 p.m. $5 bring your own beverage and snacks email to follow.

September 22nd Cruise out to Tampa’s Portillo’s (Sandwiches/Italian) and then to Streetcar Classics

October 21st Swampy’s in Dunellon

November Pool Party at Liddell’s Thanksgiving theme

December 3rd Wine and Cheese Party with trains set up at Pons’ house 1-5pm.

December 10th Dinner Dance Event at Brookridge

Birthdays and Anniversaries shared

Treasurer’s report there is $1,860.51

50/50 $39 to Frank Folde was holding the winning ticket.

Next month’s meeting will be at Golden Corral July 5th. Still taking suggestions for other meeting place.

Interesting tidbits, Steve Shechter mentioned that the plant is stopping tours for eighteen months on June 16.

Respectfully submitted by Val Stratton

Minutes:May 3, 2017
Nature Coast Corvette Club Meeting 
Golden Corral

Meeting called to order by Joe Tyberghein at 5:32 p.m. with 36 members in attendance.

After the Pledge of Allegiance the Minutes of the April meeting were approved. Motioned by Paul Levine and seconded by Val Stratton. Treasurer’s report was given by Joe T. Balance of $1785.51

Budget was emailed out prior to this meeting.

Returning Members Ann and Bill Petroff were welcomed and James and Beatriz List were introduced. The List’s have a Silver 1996 Commemorative Edition and are originally from Rockford IL.

Old Business next month meeting will be at Coney Island June 7th 5 p.m.

Scholarship fund was voted to be part of our budget with an amount of $500 to a student entering the field on mechanic. Paul answered a question about the members voting the budget in. He stated we never did, however that might be something we want to consider. The board created the budget and put it out to the group. We are a not for profit and usually start the year with $500 or $600. You’re the club now is the time to ask questions. Joe asked for a motion to accept budget. Discussion followed included Larry Knitter asked why the expense for scholarship fund and why. Joe explained that it is nice to do something for the community. Lucy Levine stated we did donate money before and in past the board would bring the budget up in November and in the past we have designated $200 in past years. Dave Liddell had brought this up at a prior meeting and it was approved. Joe explained it was a small percentage of our expenses. Dave Haney stated the check is cut to the school that the student will attend. Joe said Logistics of the scholarship will be further detailed. Vote on the budget was approved unanimously.

New Business-Rich Michaels sent out a questionnaire so that we can schedule events you would be interested in participating in. Please either return survey or separate sheet with the answers. Open to suggestions-please bring by next month. Paul asked that fill them out so they can schedule August and other openings.

Membership Roster spread was discussed and will be sent by email to all members as well as updates as new members join.

Christmas Party was reported on by Rich Stratton, cost will be less to the club this year, catered dinner with two meats and DJ. The club does subsidize some of the expense. Need 50 people, money due 45 days in advance of December 10. Open to families, $25 per person. Board will discuss the club contribution.

Brookridge Car Show was attended by several of our members and could be one of our scheduled events. Next year show will be held at Register Chevrolet with the Brookridge Mens Club cooking. Could use judges from our club. Eight members attended, Art won the share the wealth three times.

Tarpon Springs May 13th – 18 signed up leaving Walmart at noon (Spring Hill and 19) parking behind Hellas, boat ride on Odyssey across from Hellas.

Breakfast – 16 signed up on Sat the 6th at Thousand Isle Restaurant, must RSVP by Thursday

June 17th Coyote Rojo 3pm dinner, private room more info to be emailed.

July 5th Golden Corral: 23rd Wreaths Across America for the Elks

August 5th Dance at Brookridge let Rich know, $5 3hrs dancing to a band, BYOB and snacks

Website section for Members, Val is trying to fill any blank spots, get together for a photo or share your bio. Birthdays and Anniversaries were announced.

Interesting tidbits, Rich is on 99.9 Radio station Saturdays 10-11 a.m.. If you have parts to sell let me know we are putting them on the radio. Joe is bringing his car into Blevins. 50/50 is $36 to winner and $35 to club. Winner was Chuck Tippet Happy Birthday/Anniversary!

Meeting adjourned at 6:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Val Stratton


Minutes: April 5, 2017
Nature Coast Corvette Club
Golden Corral

Meeting chaired by Joe Tyberghein with 44 members in attendance with 14 Corvettes.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the minutes for the March meeting were approved as posted on the website.

Joe announced that the June meeting would not be able to be at Golden Corral, motion passed to have meeting at Coney Island.

Email notice sent out to revise Bylaws to add "Dues start Jan 1 for all members". Motion to approve carried.

Scholarship fund committee will be headed by Dave Liddell this coming fall. Paul Levine asked how it was being funded, how much planned to give and other basic facts. Joe this is funded through membership, looking at $500 for a mechanic at Nature Coast HS. Discussion about financial need, School board setting parameters, most qualified student per club parameters, academic qualification/scholarships. We will consider ideas and share with Dave. Lucy mentioned that previously in January or Feb the Board presented to the group a financial budget and in there you would have a scholarship or any other thing that you wanted and then a vote would be yes or no, so what will the parameters of the scholarship? a percent of dues or percent of the budget or a flat dollar amount. Joe explained that if the amount is not raised then we won’t award the scholarship until the amount is achieved. Raising the membership fees was to help fund these new programs. At a previous meeting, members had voted for the scholarship.

Treasurer’s report is $1665.51 in account. Next meeting we will bring out the budget and talk about scholarship.

Events- Paul Levine

Thank you to Joe T. for our event at Blevins. Great food, nice affair, Paul won a free t-shirt, we toured their shop, pictures are on website, 17 corvettes were in attendance.

  April 8th Lakeridge Winery, head by Bob Pons, 8 signed up so far, sign out passed around. We will leave at 9:30 from Big Lots.

May 13th Tarpon Springs-Boat trip at 2:30 $18 each seniors- prepay to Paul, and 4:30 ish at Hellas dinner (pay yourself).

Activities meeting will have meeting directly after this general meeting. We want to plan events you’d like to.

Mel added Elks Wreaths across America is on July 23rd and the club was asked to bring the Corvettes to display.

Yuengling Brewery in Tampa suggested.

April 23rd Car Show at Brookridge 9 a.m. registration- call Rich Stratton

Brookridge Dances June 3rd and August 5th, email to be spread, Christmas party December 10th.

Drive out to Portillo’s for lunch followed by a visit to Streetcar Classics Consignments in Tampa was suggested by Val Stratton.

June 17th – Joe will lead Coyote Rojo in Bushnell, this is a Mexican restaurant.

Two new members: Steve Shechter that now has a 2013 and Jack Douglas with a 1957.

Birthdays and Anniversaries were shared by Val Stratton. Window stickers are free to new members. Business cards were passed out to share with potential members.

Judy Linn won $60 from the 50/50.

Member comments: Joseph Bebout and his son are starting a cryogentics 300 below.com branch, they will process your golf clubs, parts that rust etc for free to show how this new process helps.

Lois Churchin thanked the club for the flowers, cookies and well wishes.

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully submitted, Val Stratton


3 Sabine Tippet  

  11 Rosalie Schaffer  

12 Ron Putnam   

15 Lois Churchin  

19 Babette Liddell

  22 Linda Gailey       

               23 Linda Colarte                  



16 Richard & Sandee Michaels 

 23 Len & Caryl Pflughaupt 
  29 Mel & Loretta Haines   


2 Ruby Foust

 7 Lucy Levine

17 Barry Crowe

17 Art Vouthouris

18 Diane Pfisterer

 20 Joseph Bebout

  24 Dan deBoer


4 David & Nancy Wall

6 Joe & Maureen Tyberghein

11 Paul & Lois Churchin

22 James & Nancy Kincell
















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