Byron & Judy Dalhaus
Steve & Yvonne Dalhaus
Steve Shechter
Douglas Jack  
Luis  &  Linda  Colarte


August 2, 2017
Nature Coast Corvette Club Meeting

Perkins Restaurant

Meeting called to order by Director Val Stratton at 5:31 p.m.. After the Pledge of Allegiance- guests were welcomed/ introduced/ and told a bit about themselves and their Vette:

Byron & Judy Dalhaus and Steve & Yvonne Shiell.

The Minutes of the July 5th meeting were approved. Motioned by Bob Pons and seconded by Joe Tyberghein, motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer Dave Liddell reported that the bank balance was $1860.51

Rather than Correspondence; Ruby Foust thanked us personally for all the cards, thoughts, and coming to the service. Louie will be missed.

Old Business:

  • Walk around at radio station; they allowed us to drive a 2018 Vette, and John Simon and Val Stratton took test drives.

  • Mel Haines reported on Wreaths across America. Went well, made $1000 and motorcycle rally made $1000, Eagles donated $600. Dave Liddell reported that in the Past the club donated $105, motion by Val Stratton to do the same, 2nd by Nancy Zaluda, passed unanimously.

New Business: Paul Levine shared upcoming events:

  • Val reported on-August 5th Brookridge Dance doors open 6 – music at 7 p.m. $5 bring your own beverage and snacks. Theme Island Getaway so wear your flowered shirts if you want.

  • Val- September 22nd Drive out to Portillo’s -will leave Big Lots at 10:15 a.m. on Rt 41 and Rt 50 via scenic roads. We will park in front of the restaurant in designated parking. Then off to Streetcar Classics to see some unusual cars. Portillos has hot dogs, beef sandwiches and pasta. Please r.s.v.p. email Val with a phone number to contact you if you are late.

  • October 21st Swampy’s led by Dave Liddell

  • November Bobbing for Turkeys at Liddell’s Pool Party

  • Possible October Lakeridge Winery on the 13,14,15 and BBQ, blues fest and craft fair if someone is willing to lead this, email Paul. Also Nov 10,11,12 Holiday craft fair at Lakeridge

  • A trip to Ponce DeLeon state park, pancake breakfast and boat ride maybe for 2018

  • Nov 12th Brooksville Transmission Show, Habitat for Humanity,

  • October 29th CVCC invite to Brunch $26 per, fancy spread,

  • October 28th Ultimate Corvette Show at Stingray Chevrolet,

  • Looking for volunteers to lead any of these ideas, contact Paul. Oct 14 or 15th best for Lakeridge

  • December 3rd Wine and Cheese Party with train show at Pons’ house 1-5pm.

  • December 10th Dinner Dance Event at Brookridge. Val is starting to receive checks they will not be cashed until Nov. Show of hands for interested - 11 couples present tonight. Buffet with Beef and Chicken, salad, dessert, roll, vegetable. Catered by John Mason, optional gift exchange

Name tags- Loretta Haines willing to order them for us, Last known price $10.50, but might have gone up.

Next’s meeting Sept will be at Perkins on Rte. 19. We filled up the room and the service was wonderful. Lucy Levine suggested early arrivals could eat right outside of the room and come in for the actual meeting. Please RSVP so they can staff properly. Nov at Coney Island.

August Birthdays and Anniversaries shared

Interesting tidbits: Diane Pfisterer shared her experience with White Diamonds, the polish not the perfume.

50/50 $51 to Larry Knitter. There was one Vette driven and 43 Members in attendance. Meeting adjurned at 5:57 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Val Stratton



5 Mel Haines

8 Sandee Michaels

9 Jack Douglas

10 Dave Liddell

20 Dave Wall

30 Rich Stratton


15 Paul & Lucy Levine

19 Frank & Judy Folde

28 Dan & Lee deBoer