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 Minutes from the Nature Coast Corvette Club

October 3, 2018

The meeting was opened by Joe Tyberghein at 5:29 PM at Perkins Restaurant. There were 28 members in attendance. Joe led the group in the pledge of allegiance.

Correspondence from Sandee Michaels read. Lucy Levine thanked the members for their warm wishes.

Minutes from the August meeting (there was no September meeting) were approved on a motion from Paul Levine. All in favor and approved.

The Treasurer's report was $2373.74, a payment was made for flowers.

There was no new business to report.

The events:

September 14th-Mystery Cruise with Dave and Judy Haney great ice cream
October 20th coming- Poker Run and end at McKethan lake. Poker run explained, highest hand wins. You will have destination addresses itís not a search and go. Picnic at end. Need five Helpers.

Joe announced that he will not renew his board membership at the end of the year. Joe served two years.

Discussion on whether dues are necessary or not. Motion to cease dues in 2019 seconded by Byron Dalhaus. Further discussion allowed after motion. Motion was amended to not collect dues from current (2018) paid in 2019. New members would pay $30. Motion carried.

Dave Liddell has volunteered to assist the club.

Upcoming trips, Poker Rallye 6 cars going. Breakfast Meeting October 13th, check the website RSVP Dave Haney. November meeting will be at Buffet City. November 15th ride to Williston, Ivy House and side trip to Cedar Lake Woods, no one signed up. Event has not been spread on email other than annual calendar. Dec 7th Friday, Lakeridge Winery.

Birthdays and Anniversaries shared.

Under interesting items, Steve Schechter had an air bag light stays on, cause was a wire harness under seat.

Bill Hager mentioned that his í98 horn didnít work and Dynasty was able to change a relay. Bill also brought up participating in the Aug 27, 2019 Bowling Green Caravan, heís going if interested talk to him. Judy Dalhaus has situation with car door. Dave Liddell has someone looking for a 1976 to 1979.

The fifty-fifty collected $71.00 with $35.00 to the winner. Nancy Zaluda won.

At 6:25 a motion was made by Nancy Zaluda to close the meeting and seconded by Paul Levine. All were in favor and approved.                


                                                                  4 James Kincell / Bill Petroff

9 Judy Haney /Charles Pfisterer

13 Ann Petroff

 25 John Johnson

 31 Sue Loper


13 Charles & Diane Pfisterer

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