NEW MEMBERS    
  Bill & Tina Hager
Ralph & Joe Calello

NOTE:Since the September, 2018, meeting was cancelled due to lack of anticipated attendance, there are no September minutes.

Meeting August 1, 2018


Minutes from the Nature Coast Corvette ClubThe meeting was opened by Joe Tyberghein at 5:30 PM at Perkins Restaurant. There were 22 members in attendance. Steve Schechter led the group in the pledge of allegiance.

New members Bill and Tina Hager were introduced to the group, and as they were eating planned to tell us about themselves later in the meeting.

Minutes from the July meeting were approved on a motion from Nancy Zaluda and seconded by Loretta Haines. All in favor and approved.

The Treasurer's report was $2373.74 and a motion to accept the report was moved by Bob Pons and seconded by Rich Michaels. All in favor and approved.

There was no new business to report. The events for August were gone through:

August 4th- Dance at Brookridge at 7PM cost is $5.00 per person

August 15th-Boat Outing in Tarpon Springs meeting at 9AM at Spring Hill Walmart

August 23rd-Buffet dinner at Brooksville Country Club. Leaving Samís Club at 4:30PM

September 14th-Mystery Cruise with Dave and Judy Haney more details coming

Joe reminded everyone that the September meeting would feature Dave Rodriguez from Dynasty Car Shop also known as West Coast Classics. There was some side discussion about Daveís abilities as a Corvette mechanic regarding how good his shop was. There was some side discussion regarding other shops including Blevins Auto.

Joe introduced our newest members Bill and Tina Hager. They recently came to our area from Tampa and had been involved in other clubs. They had heard about our club and decided NCCC was the club to join. Bill is retired and Tina is getting ready to do the same. They recently bought a 1998 Nassau Blue Coupe after having two 80ís C4ís. Bill indicated the car was pretty good with a few minor details to be worked out. Tina explained how they found the car and bought it. They were welcomed to the club by all.

The following had birthdays this month. Loretta Haines 6, Dave Haney 18, Steve Schechter 24, Val Stratton 25, Nancy Wall 5, Stanley Zaluda 21st

Anniversaries-Dave and Judy Haney 10th

Under interesting items, Rich Michaels stood up and discussed a life threatening situation with his wife Sandee. She was taking peppermint oil for a condition and one day she found she couldnít breathe. The doctor found her lungs were filled with fluid and further studying found this was a unknown side effect of the peppermint oil. She is currently recovering at home. We send our prayers and best wishes.

The fifty-fifty collected $62.00 with $31.00 to the winner. Diane Pfisterer ended up winning the prize. There were only 5 Corvettes driven to the meeting as a result of heavy rain earlier. At 6:05 a motion was made by Bob Pons to close the meeting and seconded by Jim List. All were in favor and approved.



5 Mel Haines

8 Sandee Michaels

9 Jack Douglas

10 Dave Liddell

11 Steven Shiell

20 Dave Wall

22 Ralph Calello

30 Rich Stratton


15 Paul & Lucy Levine

19 Frank & Judy Folde

28 Dan & Lee deBoer


                                                                         4 James Kincell

4 Bill Petroff

9 Judy Haney

9 Charles Pfisterer

13 Ann Petroff

25 John Johnson

31 Sue Loper


13 Charles & Diane Pfisterer


                                                               Updated 18 SEPTEMBER 2018