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Ralph & Joe Calello

Paul and Lois Churchin


Luis & Linda Colarte

   Barry and Nancy Crowe


Byron & Judy Dalhaus


Dan & Lee Deboer



                          James and Linda Gailey                     


Mel & Loretta Haines


Dave & Judy Haney 


Eric & Gerry Hietala


Doug Jack & Sue Loper


John & Jean Johnson


Jim & Nancy Kincell


     Larry & Jean Knitter   


  Palmer & Jean Lake


Paul & Lucy Levine  


           Dave & Babette Liddell 


Ivan & Judy Linn


Jim & Beatriz List


Rich & Sandee Michaels


Jerald & Janice Mom


Bill & Anna Marie Petroff


Charles & Diane Pfisterer


Glen Pflughaupt


Len & Caryl Pflughaupt 


Bob & Barbara Pons


Ron & Ellie Putnom


Steve Shechter

Steve & Yvonne Shiell


John & Debra Simon   


Rich & Val Stratton


Chuck & Sabine (Beanie) Tippett


Joe & Maureen Tyberghein


        Art Vouthouris


David & Nancy Wall


Stanley & Nancy Zaluda  






















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