John & Debra Simon

John has mashed the throttle in his area of expertise as well.  A master machinist and mechanic, John has had success in  areas near and  dear to our hearts...racing, show cars, corvettes, chevelles and the list goes on.  Now, I'm not talking about local cruise night awards  and the like.      

What I'm telling you is these awards came from World of Wheels, corvette shows, drag racing awards (like best engineered  and best appearing)    on a national level, and ISCA (International Show Car Association) several times.  How about an unsponsored '90 Corvette super gasser that 
smoked the traps at 8.95 at 150 mph?     

An array of Vettes have graced the Simon garages over the years.  For example, a 1973, 454 cid coupe, a 1973 L82 4-speed to   the current stable  of a '95 red coupe, '66 red coupe and an '04 yellow Z06 that John has already added that much needed horsepower  with some go FASTER   goodies. That's Quantum leaps from their first rides...a '56 Pontiac Chieftain for John and Debra's '69 Pontiac Lemans.  They  have also had  cars featured in National Dragster  magazine and had a 4 page layout in Super Chevy magazine. Talk the talk and  walk the walk.      

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!     

As John has helped Debra in the real estate business, Debra has been there for John in the race car and show car business...from running all  over the country to getting greasy when those extra hands were needed.     

Funny how things turn out because this life all began with John's Mom trying to fix these two up.  You see, John's Mom  worked with Debra   and as usual, John wanted nothing to do with the gal Ol' Mom picked out for him.  After the breakup with the girl John accepted  a blind date    with Debra that was arranged by a friend of hers.  As the evening's conversation continued they both discovered that    Debra and John were,   in fact, the same two people that John's mother had been trying to get together.  John was overwhelmed at the revelation    and blurted out "so  you're the freckle-faced, buck tooth, redhead my mom wanted me to meet!"  Smooth, John, very smooth!  In spite of John's 
charming and flattering    remarks, Debra knew that she could shape John into the diplomat  he is today.

My usual closing comments remind everyone that these few paragraphs are only to spur some conversation among our members. At our next meeting, set a spell, take your shoes off and say hello to  John and Debra.