Jerald & Janice Mom



Jerry and Janice Mom lived in Michigan but are now snowbirds.

Jerry is a retired electrical contractor, and he also retired from GM -- but worked for all of the big three.

Their other hobbies are boating, camping, and touring. Their current Corvette is a 2000 C5 Nassau-blue convertible with a white top, grey interior, with a 6-speed transmission and a special license plate number of ONE COOL C5.

Other cool cars they have had were a '54 Ford yellow convertible --- with a keyboard engine that Jerry named "The Yellow Bird," and a '55 Chevy which he rebuilt and installed a Corvette engine in.

Jerry and Janice are members of another Corvette Club in Michigan with approximately 200 + members. It is named America's Corvette Club, and they have one concours-type show every year, which draws between 100 and 200 cars.

They have been enjoying being in Corvette clubs for the last 15 to 18 years. They are currently in their fourth Corvette, the first one being 1979 red on red with factory spoilers. They've also owned a '64 convertible silver blue convertible and a '94 Admiral blue coupe with a 6 speed.

They are looking forward to doing a lot of trips and activities with this Corvette Club.