Bruce Harwood

Bruce is no stranger to Corvettes.  He bought his first one in 1964 for $2500.  It was a slightly used silver '63 split window coupe. When  asked what his favorite car in his life was, there wasn't a moment of hesitation when the grin came to his face and he said, "It was that '63 split. No doubt about it." 

Bruce is, and has been, a true gearhead from day one.  Land, sea and air...from go-karts to stock cars, from model airplanes to the real thing. 

Boats and motorcycles alsoadded to his adventures.Racing has been a big part of those adventures and  that includes some early stock car racing with legends like Red Farmer and 
Donnie & Bobby Allison.
Now, there is a greater claim to fame for Bruce. Those 25 years spent at Pan Am helped hone his skills with aircraft enough to have some of his work on display at none other than the 
Smithsonian Institute.The plane is called "The Buster", owned and raced by Steve Whitman.  Mr. Whitman needed a few more knots out of that old plane to ensure his victory for the fifth
year in a row in the Goodyear Trophy races.Bruce built the wheelpants on "The Buster" to give it six more knots and Mr. Whitman the perpetual trophy.
Bruce also has a great collection of Civil War artifacts.  Not just any old run of the mill Civil War stuff.  His collection came from his great grandfather.