Dave and Judy were Pennsylvanians up to Dave's retirement from teaching elementary school (Sussex County, NJ) in 2001.

They were "Snowbirds" from 2001 to 2004 when they decided that they wanted to be full-time Floridians and moved to Holiday. In January of 2006 they moved to Spring Hill.

Their first Vette (way back in the 80's) was a maroon '69 T-top Stingray which they sold after having the car for six years or so. Their current 2004 coupe is a new addition to the family toy chest. Judy has informed him that he WILL hang on to this one !

Dave and Judy are both amateur radio operators (hams) and are very active in the Spring Hill Amateur Radio Club as officers and members. They used to belong to three different bowling leagues where they participated all year long, but they have now cut it back to just one. Dave also used to love to golf, but he is so busy with playing music right now that he has little time to spend on the links. 

Judy tried golfing a few times, but after sinking a ground-ball hole-in-one, she decided to give up the sport because it was "too easy !" Dave is still waiting for this second hole-in-one ever since his first one in 1989 !

Dave, besides being a teacher, has been a long-time musician, and he still plays guitar and sings in  Double Play (a duo that sounds like a five-piece band). He also does a little DJ work, too . You can check on both enterprises at .

Judy is a retired hairdresser and has been a Sunday School teacher, Girl Scout leader, and Cookie Mother for the scouts.

They have two daughters, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.