Barry and Nancy Crowe



Barry and Nancy are originallly from Michigan, both born in Detroit.  Barry lived on the west side near Redford,
and Nancy is from Harper Woods on the east side. They met at Central Michigan University, and married in 1965.
They lived in Oxford, Michigan for over 30 years. They were both teachers. Barry taught Physical Education,
Health, History, and was a coach for many sports, mainly soccer and track at Bloomfield Hills Schools in Michigan.
Nancy taught English until the family started arriving and then was fortunate to be able to be a homemaker. It
allowed her to volunteer at school, take their three kids to all their band and sports activities, and have time to
occasionlly substitute teach. She also worked at craft fairs and a garden center each Spring.
Their family is now spread out.  Their son,Robert, his wife, and  three adult children are still in Michigan.Their
daughter Julie, is in Tennessee with her husband and two children, and their youngest daughter, Susan, works at
Indiana University. She lives in Bloomington, IN with her husband and daughter.
They didn't have their first Corvette until they moved to Florida for retirement-- A red 2000 convertible.They were 
happy to upgrade to their yellow 2013 coupe which they are currently enjoying.
They appreciate the friendships and activities of belonging to the NCCC.